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Dennis Hopper, of Easy Rider fame, Passes Away

Dennis Hopper Cannes 2008 We said farewell to one of the 80’s biggest child stars, in Gary Coleman, last week. He died on Friday afternoon in Utah, in the US. The next day also saw one of the greatest and most recognisable stars of the last half-century pass away: Dennis Hopper.

Dennis Hopper battled prostate cancer for a long while before eventually succumbing to it on Saturday. He was 74 years old. He had his last birthday on May 17.

Dennis was mainly known for movies, especially Westerns and the like, but also played the role of King Koopa in Super Mario Bros.: The Movie back in 1993. He also dabbled in photography as well.

And on a personal note related to gaming, Dennis Hopper was considered one of the greatest Dr. Wallace Breen [from Half-Life 2] lookalikes as well, if they ever made a film – which they haven’t. To think that now both he and the voice actor behind Breen, Robert Culp, are dead – in the same year. That’s a big shame.
Rest in Peace, Dennis.

Source: Dennis Hopper Dead At 74 [Kotaku]


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