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Half-Life 2 Actor, Robert Culp, Dies at Age 79 [News]

Robert Culp The actor who played the egomaniacal villain, Dr. Wallace Breen in Half-Life 2, Robert Culp, has passed away.

He apparently died after taking a fall just this week in his home in Los Angeles, reportedly on the 24th – my birthday of all days. He was 79 years of age. Culp was taken to hospital, but later pronounced dead.

One of Culp’s most memorable appearances to many people was in the 60’s show, I Spy. And I saw this mentioned on Twitter accounts like that of Tom Hall’s, but I didn’t even know what I Spy was, or who Robert Culp was, admittedly. That was way before my time.

But no doubt gamers all know Dr. Breen, the main antagonist in HL2 who was the administrator of City 17, much like he filled the same title at Black Mesa Laboratory, although you didn’t see him much in the first game, if at all. You heard about him though early on in Half-Life.

breen He played a major role in Half-Life 2, though, taking the blame for ending the 7 hour war, selling out humanity, which led to their imprisonment on their own planet. The last we ever saw of Breen was in Half-Life 2: Episode 2, where one of those big, ugly Advisor things killed Eli Vance, but spared Gordon Freeman and Alyx.

It didn’t look like him, but you’ll remember that near the end of Half-Life 2, when Breen was fleeing, he was offered a host body by the Combine. This host body also made an appearance in Episode 1. It’s my feeling that this is Breen, albeit transformed.

Robert leaves behind his wife, five children and five grandchildren.

You see Valve? This is what you get when you don’t hurry up with Episode 3! How many more people have to suffer? How many more people have to die? *Sob*
Source: Half Life’s Dr. Breen Dead at 79 [LazyGamer]


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