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The Last Episode of The Verge for 2010

TVerge I just looked through my news feed on Facebook, and saw a post from The Verge’s Facebook wall. It declared that tonight, the 15th of December is the last live episode of The Verge for this year.

Now they say it’s the last live episode, but the show will continue to run until next year when live shows will resume I suppose. Pippa says that they’re recorded and are new ones especially for when The Verge is off the air. As for PlayR, that isn’t a live show, but a recorded or taped one (and actually my favourite one at that – less slip ups and so on from Pippa).

As for tonight’s episode, it’ll feature Red Dead Redemption’s DLC, Undead Nightmare, and NFS Hot Pursuit.

The Verge will resume its live shows on the 17th of January 2011.

- The Verge currently runs from 10:30 PM for a half hour, Mondays and Wednesdays. PlayR is on Thursdays.


Source: The Verge on Facebook



Chaos Computers’ Candy Store Competition

Chaos Candy Store Don’t you just love it when you get added to a company’s newsletter list without asking for it? Well, in this case I suppose I am kind of chuffed seeing as I received an email from Chaos Computers last week, telling me about a special competition that’s arrived just in time for Christmas.

This is their Candy Store Competition. Every day Chaos will send one of their “sweet deals” to everyone who has signed up to their newsletter. If you are on the newsletter mailing list as well as a member on their Facebook page, you qualify to win a grand prize, which is a Samsung Galaxy Tab.

So, sign up for the newsletter, like them on Facebook, receive the emails, and you may or may not choose to buy one of the specials, and automatically get entered into a competition to win a prize, even if you don’t buy anything!

Source: Chaos Computers


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