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The Verge Returns Tonight

TVerge After nearly a month of sitting through “special” episodes of The Verge since they went off air temporarily (again) last month, it’s nearly time for the show to resume regular live programming again.

Pippa said that The Verge would not being showing any live shows for about a month or so, instead showing specially recorded or taped shows. But it was mainly just a bunch of assembled footage that we had seen before and then some (also known as a repeat or perhaps a montage).

But it’s January and it’s time for everyone to get their @sses back in to gear and get on with the year after all the festivities of yesteryear have finally died down. The Verge reported on its Facebook page that Monday the 17th of January, 2011 (today), is when The Verge returns, for real this time… until the next time it goes off the air.

So make sure to tune in tonight, on Vuzu, channel 123 on DSTV, at 22:30 for a brand new, live, and hopefully good show.


Source: The Verge [Facebook]


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