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New CGR article: Wolfenstein 3D

As of today, I've written another Classic Games Resurrected article, the ninth in the series, and it is Wolfenstein 3D. This game is regarded by many to be the grandaddy of them all, the game that invented the FPS genre.

Apocalypse Then: Battlefield Vietnam

On this day, in 2004, Battlefield Vietnam was released. Many claimed in was nothing but a glorified Battlefield 1942 mod.



Friday the thirteenth

Winnenden School Shooting

On Wednesday this week, in Winnenden, Germany, Tim Kretschmer, a 17 year old former student who had dropped out of the school with no qualifications, killed 16 people before turning the gun on himself after a gunfight with policemen.

It was reported that his father owned 16 guns, of which Tim took one for the massacre, a 9mm Beretta automatic pistol. As he walked around the classrooms killing people, he uttered the phrase, "Are you all dead yet?"

Most of his victims were female, including eight girls and three female teachers.

It was said that as well as spending hours on his computer, he also attended a gun club which his father belonged to, and regularly practiced shooting.


Apocalypse Then: Dunblane massacre

On this day, in 1996, Thomas Hamilton, a 43 year old man who was a suspected paedophile, killed 16 school pupils and a teacher in Dunblane, Scotland, before killing himself.

Apocalypse Then: Descent II

On this day, Descent II was released in 1996. It was noted for popularizing the use of true 3D engines in games.


Tom Clancy's HAWX delayed...again

Tom Clancy's HAWX has been pushed back to later this month. It was first due to come out last week, then this week, and now it is set for next week. Let's just say it might be out by the end of the month.

Chaos on Friday the 13th

Chaos Computers, which now has five branches in Cape Town, is having a Friday the 13th grand opening special which starts this week at their new venue in N1 City.

I’ve shopped at Chaos plenty of times, and I must say that their prices are some of the most reasonable that I’ve come across when compared to other stores.

Here are some of the crazy things that can get you free gifts at Chaos Computers in N1 City:

+ First 13 customers will each receive a goodie bag.
+ First customer to buy 13 individual items receives a free gift.
+ All customers in the store at 13:13 PM receive a free gift.
+ First 13 year old customer receives a free gift.
+ First customer that has a birthday on the 13th of any month receives a free gift.
+ First customer who’s birthday in on the 13th of March receives a free gift.
+ First customer with the name “Jason” receives a free gift.
+ First customer to name 13 brands that Chaos sells receives a free gift.
+ First customer to spend R1313 or more receives a free gift.
+ First customer to spend R13113 or more receives a free gift.
+ First customer to wear a number 13 receives a free gift.
+ First customer that can fully name 13 Chaos team members receives a free gift.
+ First customer to wear a size 13 shoe receives a free gift.

There are also specials on products that are available at all of their stores and not just the N1 City branch.
The offers last from Friday the 13th until Tuesday the 17th of March.



Apocalypse Then- Condemned 2: Bloodshot

On this day, last year, Condemned 2: Bloodshot was released.

This time, it didn't make it to the PC like it's predecessor, Condemned: Criminal Origins, which is a shame because I was excited about it at the time.



Apocalypse Then: Snake Bite Love

On this day, in 1998, the Motörhead album, Snake Bite Love, was released.

It included the following tracks:

Love for Sale
Dogs of War
Snake Bite Love
Take the Blame
Dead and Gone
Night Side
Don't Lie to Me
Joy of Labour
Desperate for You
Better off Dead

My Favourite tracks on this album are Dogs of War, Snake Bite Love, Assassin,Take the Blame and Night Side.


Id Software finally moving away from Doom and Quake?

I loved all the Doom and Quake games, seriously, but I couldn’t help but agree when someone stated on that ‘at last id is starting a new franchise’. Of course he was referring to Rage, their upcoming title.

If you think about it, id Software started off with Commander Keen, then Wolfenstein-which wasn’t focused on that much, but has made a slight comeback in recent years with a new game in the series set to come out soon. After Wolfenstein 3D, there was Doom and Quake, two series that revolutionized FPS games and further
established id Software as a household name. They have reigned supreme for about the last sixteen years, and they don’t show any signs of stopping either, with a Doom 4, Quake 5 and possibly a Quake Arena 2, all promised by John Carmack himself.

I just wonder what this Rage will be like and whether it will garner as much long-term attention as the other two. I suppose it will naturally use the new idTech 5 engine, which Doom 4 and Quake 5 will use afterwards.

So the answer to the post's question, as to whether id will move away from Doom and Quake, is probably a "no".


No Rage this year

Id Software's latest title under development, Rage, won't be released this year, according to Todd Hollenshead.

This probably means that Doom 4 will be pushed back until 2010 or 11 as well, mainly because it is set to use Rage's id Tech 5 engine.

That's a shame, but we will hopefully still get Wolfenstein this year.



Apocalypse Then: The Suffering

On this day, in 2004, The Suffering was released on PS2 and XBox. It came onto PC three months later.

In September last year, the PC version was made free for download,supported by on-screen advertisements.


PC games coming out in March- Week 2

This is the list of games that are due out this week on PC, according to

March 10, 2009 Codename: Panzers: Cold War

March 10, 2009 EVE Online: Special Edition

March 10, 2009 Grey's Anatomy: The Video Game  

March 10, 2009 My City  

March 10, 2009 Tom Clancy's HAWX

March 12, 2009 Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3 - Uprising


What does AAA stand for?

It's not an abbreviation of anything. It just means the best of the best... 

"Well, now you know the truth: Apocalypso's Atomic Arcade!"

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