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NAG Competitions Every Day For 3+ Weeks This December

NAG Magazine’s online presence, known as NAG Online, is going to be having a long series of competitions this month, running from the 1st of December right up until the 24th – Christmas Eve, naturally. That’s one competition every day.

Prizes up for grabs include hardware to games and so on. All you have to do is either comment on the post of each individual competition (you need to register to do so), or send an email to NAG. And if you do, you automatically get entered in to the competition in question. By commenting, instead of emailing, you also become eligible to win a USB flash drive courtesy of Corex.

The winners of the competitions will be drawn in January (likely the NAG staff will be having a little holiday for a while). Only South African residents may enter the comps by the way.

Source: Competition: 24 Days of Giving - Competition: 24 Days of Giving [NAG Online]



Chaos Computers Tech Expo 2010

All ready as of last week, the 17th of November, Chaos Computers has been having a Tech Expo at CapeGate Shopping Centre.

I only saw the advert in the latest Tygerburger just the other day. Whoops. Chaos had an event like this last year about the same time, and at the same place. Hard to believe it’s been a year since I posted about it.
The Expo is situated in the centre court and will run until the 15th of December. You’ll be able to try out some gadgets, including the much talked about Xbox Kinect.

I must still go and check out the new Chaos Computers store in Willowbridge. They moved there from Kenridge two or three months ago.

Source: Tygerburger

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