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NAG July 2011 Issue Out This Week

I didn’t post about the last issue coming out last month due to the aforementioned complication which I’m sure I blogged about not too long ago.

I suddenly realised that it’s the last Thursday of the month this week, and that means that the latest NAG will be out. Looking at the contents PDF, I can see that there’s two interesting features this time round: one on Battlefield 3, and another on “The Top 8 developers who fell from grace”. I can only imagine that 3D Realms is in that list somewhere. If not, it bloody well should have been.

Speaking of which, believe it or not, Duke Nukem Forever was released earlier this month. I’m busy playing it as we speak (or as I type anyway), and I’m liking it quite a bit. The reviews out on the web suggest that a lot of people don’t, and I’m looking forward to seeing what NAG’s take on the game is, seeing there’s a review on it in the magazine. The fellas on the NAG Online forum seem to enjoy it.

Other reviews include one on LA Noire, Brink, and Operation Flashpoint: Red River.

As for the Cover DVD, there’s a new edition of the NAG CD Database, new graphics card drivers, and something from Musica. There’s the usual trailers and video, including the return of the popular Pop-Fiction series to the DVD.

And lastly, the new August Cover DVD Suggestion thread is open now, so head over there and put down your recommendations.
NAG July 2011 issue
[NAG] July 2011 issue
[DVD] August DVD suggestion thread


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