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AAA has been MIA

I haven’t posted on this blog for over a week now, and most of the regular posts that I do have not cropped up because of it.

You see, I’ve been busy on other projects, like my other blog, UNF, or The Unnamed Feeling. I’ve become more involved in it and the community that is springing up around the blog and the network.
It also took me a long time to finally get tired of doing post after post for this blog, neglecting a lot of my other projects, when there was no real reward in this blog for the most part. And I’m not blaming anybody – this blog exists in an oversaturated market where there are plenty of blogs and websites that I couldn’t hope to ever compete with. I mean, a lot of the time it’s “copy and paste”, like it is with many other sites.

That’s why I’ve shifted my focus onto my other blogs and projects, as well as my articles and maybe some fiction writing too. I still may post the odd thing here in the future, which will more than likely be an editorial or original post, rather than news and that sort of thing seeing as there are plenty of places that cover that sort of thing.

So for anyone who cares, maybe when things quieten down a bit the blog could resume regular posting, but likely not the same sort of thing. It had a good run though – nearly a year and a half of posting every day. But that time seems to have come to an end.

Okay. Sob story over. Now clear off.

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