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Animax Channel Disappearing on October 31

Animax currently sits on channel 126 on DSTV, as it has for the past three years. The somewhat sad news is that the channel will be put off the air on the 31st of October 2010 – which is Sunday (tomorrow)… and Halloween. 23:25 is the time when it will cease to exist, so make sure to tune in and bid your last farewells.

“The reason why Animax is going off air is because the Japanese anime genre that was featured on the channel did not attract the broad viewing audience that MultiChoice had targeted.” - Marietjie Groenewald, MultiChoice spokesperson 

My brother always complained that most of the programming on Animax wasn’t anime anyway.

There will be a replacement channel coming to take its place next year in February. And some of the programs that were featured on Animax will likely be moved onto this new channel. I’m betting that Kenny vs. Spenny will survive, for one. I hope Ninja Warrior and several of the other Japanese game shows do as well. The write up over at seems to say they will.

Some say that the new channel will be named Sony MAX.


Source: DSTV



November 2010 Issue of NAG Magazine Out Now

Once again, it’s that time. Last week of the month. Can’t believe it’s November soon. Just before Halloween, Thursday (today) will see the latest issue of NAG on shelves.

As some on the forums have said, it doesn’t look to be anything that special this month.
The magazine has a review of the latest zombie slaying title, Dead Rising 2. And there’s also Borderlands: Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution.

The DVD has a couple of soundtracks from games such as Split/Second.
It’s an average issue then. Probably the December issue will break the eerie silence.

Source: NAG November 2010 issue [NAG Online]


Published a new Article: My Top Scariest Video Games of All Time

l4d_airport04_terminal0005 I’ve been working on a new list for some time, and it consists of four articles in a series, which goes into detail about the scariest games I’ve ever played. I did this seeing as it’s Halloween soon. I published this series today.

These links will lead you to to the articles in question. It’s divided into four chapters, and the navigation buttons are at the bottom of each chapter.

Soon I’ll be publishing another series just before Halloween, which delves into my favourite undead slaying games ever.


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