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Classic Games Resurrected

November last year, I started a series on HubPages where I have two profiles. Yesterday I finished my article on Thief: The Dark Project.

The series is dedicated to looking at classic games- what they were like to play vanilla style, and what they are like now with all the mods and other improvements available off of the net.

There are pictures, vids as well as lots of links to resources. Hopefully with this project, I can get more people interested in the classic games as well as the PC instead of consoles, that seem to be taking over.

I'd buy a console but I don't have a lot of caps to splash around.

Here's the series of Classic Games Resurrected. 

As you can see, there's Blood, Doom, Duke Nukem 3D, Rise of the Triad, Shadow Warrior, System Shock 2 and Thief: The Dark Project. There should be others coming during the year, so check back regularly.

And here is the home page where you can find all of them.


The Atomic Arcade

Hey, this is Apocalypso, and welcome to the Atomic Arcade!

I debated whether I should actually have a blog for a long time. I write on other sites and I even dabble in a bit of fiction, but in the end, I decided to just go and DO IT. The world isn't going to last forever!

So then, this is admittedly my first blog, and I hope to cover a few topics. I'm a fan of gaming as you can tell- old games and new, and I'll likely be trying my hardest to post about what's going on with new games, developers, things I come across on the net while surfing and maybe just some other random madness.

As far as other interests go, I like any form of media, like music, movies, TV etc.

So, go easy on me for now, while I get things sorted, and thanks for stopping by to view the mushroom cloud blossoming!

Beautiful, isn't it?


What does AAA stand for?

It's not an abbreviation of anything. It just means the best of the best... 

"Well, now you know the truth: Apocalypso's Atomic Arcade!"

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