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Id Software finally moving away from Doom and Quake?

I loved all the Doom and Quake games, seriously, but I couldn’t help but agree when someone stated on that ‘at last id is starting a new franchise’. Of course he was referring to Rage, their upcoming title.

If you think about it, id Software started off with Commander Keen, then Wolfenstein-which wasn’t focused on that much, but has made a slight comeback in recent years with a new game in the series set to come out soon. After Wolfenstein 3D, there was Doom and Quake, two series that revolutionized FPS games and further
established id Software as a household name. They have reigned supreme for about the last sixteen years, and they don’t show any signs of stopping either, with a Doom 4, Quake 5 and possibly a Quake Arena 2, all promised by John Carmack himself.

I just wonder what this Rage will be like and whether it will garner as much long-term attention as the other two. I suppose it will naturally use the new idTech 5 engine, which Doom 4 and Quake 5 will use afterwards.

So the answer to the post's question, as to whether id will move away from Doom and Quake, is probably a "no".



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