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Apocalypse Then: Risk II

riskIIAAA 10 Years of Risk II

I was always a big fan of Risk – the boardgame, that is. Whenever there was an opportunity, I would get it out the cupboard, and play it with my brothers and friends.

And sometimes, admittedly I would even play it solitaire – against myself, that is, sometimes with more than two players, to make it interesting.

That’s where this game comes in. Despite the title, the game doesn’t have a prequel – software wise. This game is the video game sequel to the old boardgame. It was developed by MicroProse, designed by Deep Red, and published by Hasbro Interactive; released on PC and Mac, and happened to be released on this day the 22nd of March, 2000; ten years ago.


It’s a turn-based strategy title, no doubt similar to the original boardgame, but with a few additions – and subtractions, too. The subtraction being that there’s no board involved. This game has some new game modes, allows you to play against AI opponents, and even online against human foes.

This is surprisingly not the first Risk video game, but it is likely one of the best out there, still played today.

You can pick up Risk II here if you want to play a classic.



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