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Jamie Foxx to Star in Kane& Lynch Movie… as Lynch?

We all know that Bruce Willis is set to star as Adam “Kane’ Marcus in Kane& Lynch: The Movie, which is said to start filming in August, about the same time that the sequel to the original game, Kane& Lynch 2: Dog Days, will be released.

Now it’s been revealed that another star has been cast for the film. And it’s not who you thought it would be. Not by a mile. There were always three choices for the role of Lynch, if he was to be played in a movie: John Malkovich, Billy Bob Thornton, and Peter Stormare. All of those would have been excellent choices, I’m sure.

But who did they go with? Jamie Foxx.

I’m not being racist [I’m a misanthropist – I hate everyone], but I’m sure you’ve noticed that there’s one major thing that’s different between Lynch and Foxx. Come on, just have a look.

Jamie Foxx kane-lynch-2-teaser-trailer

Jamie Foxx                    Lynch on the left

All I can say is that they will have to do a reverse makeover on pretty-boy Foxx before he can look the part.They’ll have to shave most of his hair off, and straighten what’s left of it out, make him wear glasses, and lighten his complexion… at least. Maybe that’ll scare him off and the role can go to someone else. Few people will make that sort of sacrifice for a role.

Oh, and like some have mentioned: an ethnic man having the name “Lynch” is sure to have some people up in arms. If you don’t know why, then take a history lesson or search around with google.

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