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The Verge Gets new Time Slot, New Gaming Shows on Vuzu [TV News]


vuzu.logo There was apparently a forum thread over at the Vuzu forums last week, with another one more recently that suggested that The Verge, a local TV show about gaming on Vuzu, Channel 123, will be moving to a new time slot.

The live edition of The Verge on Thursday, had Mo Nagdee as the host, and he confirmed that The Verge will indeed be moving to a new time slot as of next month. April 1st [yes, I know] will see The Verge moving to 10:30 PM, instead of 9:30 PM.

In addition to this, The Verge will not be showing four times a week anymore. It will be Mondays and Wednesdays, with PlayR showing  on Thursdays. Mo says that Tuesdays and Fridays will have something else in it’s place, but related to the shows in some form. But it’s a surprise…

Some people on the Vuzu forums are confused about what times and days the shows will be on, but that’s easy to fix, seeing as you can check the Vuzu schedule. In fact, the names and details of the new shows are right there to see. That’s right. There are two new shows. They’re called The Ginx Files and GameFace.

Thursday 01 April

22:30 - PlayR

It is said that there are over 500 million video gamers in the world and PlayR has the latest games. Also exclusive news and previews to keep viewers up to date with the fastest moving entertainment medium on the planet.

Friday 02 April

22:30 - The Ginx Files [New Show]

A rich compendium of back to back videogame reviews, features, facts and comparisons, covering both new and classic games.

Monday 05 April

22:30 - The Verge

The Verge is your interactive dose of gaming and technology TV, featuring new releases and in-depth coverage of every platform from consoles to PCs and mobiles. Presented daily by Pippa Tshabalala and Muhammed Nagdee.

Tuesday 06 April

22:30 - GameFace [New Show]

It is time to look at what's hot and what's not in the world of video games. Julia Hardy reviews and compares some of the latest releases as chosen by you. Also featuring news on the state of gaming around the globe.

Wednesday 07 April

22:30 - The Verge

So there you are. There are four shows all in all. The Verge is on Mondays and Wednesdays. PlayR is on Thursdays. The Ginx Files is on Fridays, and GameFace is on Tuesdays. No new shows for the weekend, but there are usually always repeats of the above shows on those days as well as during the week at various times.


Sources: Vuzu – The Verge



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