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AAA: My Birthday

It was my birthday this week, and I’m going to tell you all about what I got.

A got a new printer. Last month I went to Incredible Connection and traded in my old Lexmark for a new Hewlett Packard one. This one’s better than because it’s black, it’s light, and it actually works. That Lexmark gave me problems from day one. Good riddance. The trade-in occurred last month, and I got one third of the price off. I had to have it wrapped up and given to me on the day, and I actually forgot I was getting it.

The only thing that sucked is that there’s a USB cable that should have been bundled in the box. When I phoned the store however, they said it had to be bought separately. They wanted R70 for a cable. I went down to Chaos Computers and bought one for R30.

I got a new watch. Seriously, I’ve been without a watch for years now. And the watches I do have are merely just for show, and don’t work. This one has a proper leather strap, and not the cheap plastic ones that split and break after a few months.

I got a new jacket. I get new clothes as presents every year, and this birthday was no different. I got a jacket that makes me look and feel like a pimp. It’s black, but with blue and pink on it, and has a hood.

I got some new games. For my birthday I got S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat, Aliens vs. Predator, and Battlefield: Bad Company 2. I immediately put CoP in an installed it. So I’ve been playing that for a few days all ready. AvP will likely be my next game to play, as it looks properly scary, despite some negative reviews. I bet the critics were too scared to even play it, anyway.

I also wanted Assassin’s Creed II and Metro 2033, but not only was it getting a bit expensive, but the DRM in AC II put me off.

I got a free pizza. Ha! This one was the one to top it all off. I ordered a pizza, and waited in the kitchen. Then I waited on the porch. Then I waited in the driveway. Eventually I was waiting in the bloody road for the pizza delivery guy, who got lost apparently. He rocked up, and I gave him the tip, but I said he was late, and that I wasn’t paying for the pizza seeing as he left me there to wait for nearly an hour, and my pizza was warm – not hot. Not cool.

It was well within my rights, because it says right on the box “if it’s late it’s free”.

No pizza tastes as sweet as a free pizza.

Something else I wanted for my birthday was an upgrade for my PC. I just put in a new graphics card, but I sometime want an even better one, and that means I’ll likely have to upgrade everything else just to accommodate it.

We ended off the night with friends and family, and watched a movie, District 9. Crappy dialogue, too much swearing, but awesome CGI and weapon effects. Especially the alien weaponry. Those things just completely vaporise people into a red mist.

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