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Modern Warfare 2 Soundtrack Available Now

MW2_Soundtrack Video game soundtracks are usually released before or just about the same time the game which features the OST releases. Modern Warfare 2 is different, seeing as the OST for this game, which was released last November, was only released this month – this week in fact.

The score is by Hans Zimmer, and features 17 tracks from the game, which in total clocks in at just under an hour’s play length. It retails for $7.99 at Amazon, saving you over $8 if you bought all the songs individually, and also $2 cheaper than you’d find it on iTunes.

Track list:

1. Opening Titles       3:25
2. Extraction Point     3:35    
3. Breach                  3:22         
4. Guerrilla Tactics     2:58    
5. Siege                    4:05    
6. Infiltration               4:27    
7. Espirit de Corps     3:07    
8. Retreat and Reveille     2:57    
9. Ordinance              1:58    
10. Contingency         2:15    
11. Onwards              2:27    
12. Code of Conduct     2:09    
13. Chain of Command     2:00    
14. Safeguard             2:43    
15. Deadline               3:55    
16. Protocol                3:47    
17. Coup de Grace      3:21


Source: Modern Warfare 2 Soundtrack [Blues News]



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