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Thi4f, AKA Thief 4, Not Showing at E3, Possible PS3 Version


Little has been heard about Thi4f for some time now, with the odd tweet by Eidos Montreal, usually concerning stuff that doesn’t really have anything to do with the game.

Now, Connected Consoles say that Eidos will not be bringing anything about the game to E3. The main focus is no doubt on Deus Ex: Human Revolution, also in development at the studio, which will be at the event, and scheduled for an early 2011 release, according to the latest trailer.

This means Thi4f will likely only see a release sometime next year at the latest, but I have to admit – even that seems unlikely. Late 2011 to early 2012, I’d say right now, but you never know.

Another piece of speculation on the internet is that Thi4f may make make an appearance on the PlayStation 3 console. This was thought to be the case after a tweet was spotted on PlayStation’s twitter account where a Sony employee tweeted:

"Oh man:".

But this doesn’t necessarily mean anything, seeing as I’m still seeing people who are appalled at the title of the game. So this guy could have been saying: “Oh man! I don’t believe! How could they name it that? THI4F!?”

See? There is a character limit on Twitter after all. Or else he only just noticed that the game existed now, even though it was announced a year ago now.

But seeing as it is the case nowadays, the game could well be coming to the consoles, and maybe even the Xbox 360. As long as it comes to the PC, I’m happy.



No Thief 4 Appearance At E3 Eidos Montreal Fully Dedicated To Deus Ex [Connected Consoles]

'Thief 4' May Be Coming To PS3, But Definitely Not To E3 2010 []



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