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The Sims Could be Getting Medieval on Your @ss

Plumbbob3 Couldn’t resists the heading, the saying made famous in Pulp Fiction years ago. But Superannuation spotted some domains that were registered by EA recently, which seem to indicate that there will soon be yet another expansion or add-on pack for The Sims 3 that has something to do with anything and everything medieval – as in back in the Middle Ages, which by looking at the names could be something like The Sims Get Medieval, or something to that effect.

These domains include,,,,, and

I have to say that this is the expansion for The Sims that I have waited for for ten years. I think a few other add-ons may have dabbled in it a bit, but I mean, I want to build castles, and moats, have jousting tournaments, and so on.

I’ve yet to buy any of the expansions for the game, namely World Adventures and Ambitions, but this one just got my attention. If it is an expansion, that is. It might not be. It could be something else entirely.


Source: superannuation



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