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Gary Coleman Passes Away at 42

Gary Coleman cropped Last year and this year saw some of the greatest eighties icons pass away. Last year we had Michael Jackson, and earlier this year it was Corey Haim.
Now another one in Gary Coleman, passed away on Friday in the past week, after sustaining a fall, hitting his head and suffering from a intracranial haemorrhage on Wednesday. He then spent a couple of days in the hospital, apparently on life support before dying.

postal2 Gary Coleman was mainly known for his television and movie roles, but he also had a couple of appearances in video games too. He played himself in Postal 2 and the Apocalypse Weekend expansion, and also voiced a character in The Curse of Monkey Island. He also at one time owned a video game arcade in Santa Monica, and often attended E3 and other gaming events.
Running With Scissors, the developers of the Postal series, had this to say about this:
“NO!! Gary Coleman died?! He can't be dead! He was our little buddy! That's f*cked up! According to the reports he died of intracranial haemorrhage after falling and hitting his head. He was only 42. Damn.
Running With Scissors sends it's deepest condolences out to Gary's family, friends and fans. We still can't believe this is real! You will be immortalized in POSTAL history forever Gary! We had a lot fun times together! You were an awesome dude with a great sense of humor! Rest in peace Gary, we love you and we will remember you always. You will be greatly missed little Buddy!”
Read the comments on the website, and the comments suggest that there should be a tribute to Gary in Postal 3, perhaps a statue.

Rest in Peace, Gary.

Source: Postal 2's Gary Coleman passes away [Big Download]


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