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Alien Breed Evolution, Renamed Impact, Coming to Steam Today, Sequel in the Works


Alien Breed Evolution by Team 17, the makers of the original series back in 90’s along with the likes of Worms, came out last year for the Xbox 360 on XBLA. Nearly a year later, the PC is set to get a port of the game, but it’s been purposely renamed to Alien Breed: Impact. There’s word that the PS3 version will be named this as well. It’s good that the PC version will have more stuff than the XBLA one did, like upgradeable weaponry, co-op play, and a better campaign, naturally.

Martyn Brown, studio head:

“We’re always very keen to hear what our communities are saying about our titles and greatly consider feedback. For Alien Breed: Impact, it was great that we went back to the design and improved the game in many areas, meaning a much tighter gameplay experience for all.”

The game will be available to download off of Steam this week – today in fact: June 3rd. It retails for about $14.99 and if your pre-order it, you get 10% off that price, and a digital comic book - nice. There’s also a demo that you can grab off of there, as well as a trailer.

There’s also been word that a second game, called Alien Breed 2: Assault, is going to arrive sometime in the future, according to some ESRB listing. Right now, only listed for Xbox 360, the same thing is bund to happen where they port it to PC – perhaps a little sooner this time though.



Alien Breed Evolution PC coming this summer; renamed Alien Breed Impact [Big Download]
Alien Breed Impact demo released via Steam; game release on June 3 [Big Download]



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