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Meet the Cast of the Half-Life 2 Movie…*sigh*


Well, this was on Digg, and it’s done the rounds elsewhere too, like on Kotaku. It’s meant to be an imagining of the cast of the HL2 movie. Please Gabe, if you have any sense, don’t let them make that movie, because as great as the game is, you just know the movie would suck. They always do.

It’s funny how people naturally search for lookalikes to be cast in a role. This makes some sense, but just because a person looks like someone doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll do the role any justice at all.

First off, Hugh Laurie is too old to be Gordon Freeman, and he’s balding.

Who the heck is Rosario Dawson again? I thought they would have picked Halle Berry.

I always thought that Ray Liotta or that other guy, Rob Lowe, would make a better G-man if we’re talking lookalikes. Walken’s got the creepy thing going on though.

Harold Ramis has too much hair to be Kleiner.

I hate Jeremy Piven.

Dennis Hopper isn’t bad as Dr. Breen.

Of course you’d pick Morgon Freeman to be Dr Vance. He ends up as every central black character. People worship that guy. I’ve got better ideas on who could play Vance.

Never heard of Julianna Marguiles.

Jean Reno was cool at one time. Not bad.

I think I know that guy at the end too. I saw him in that one Christmas movie with the Griswolds, recently, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.



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