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Mirror’s Edge Coming to iPhone, MIrror’s Edge Sequel

It’s been revealed lately that the parkour (free running) game of 2008 called Mirror’s Edge is coming to the iPhone.

Details of a sequel, Mirror’s Edge 2,  along with Battlefield 3, was leaked on a lighting artist’s profile the other day as well, and since then EA has decided to come out and talk about it openly, originally in an interview with Kotaku.

They’re saying that the game deserves a sequel. It’s just where they are taking it in terms of direction that is the main issue right now.

I didn’t mind Mirror’s Edge. I played it for a while, and at first it felt fresh, new – but after a few hours it became increasingly frustrating and difficult. The fact that Faith, the main protagonist, didn’t have a gun of any sort spoiled it, even though it was the intention of the developers to not focus on guns. It was originally planned that she would have a sidearm, but that was taken out in the final release. Of course you could snatch guns from enemies and such, if they didn’t kill you before you were able to get up close to them first.

Maybe in the sequel they should give you the option of whether or not you have a gun on you depending on the difficulty. I think FPS titles without guns are still far from being accepted. Proof of this was that Mirror’s Edge, although a bold concept, and despite doing well in reviews, still failed sales wise last year.


Mirror's Edge announced... for iPhone

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