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AAA Update: New Post Editor, Made the Switch to Live Writer

Well, I was looking at the settings in my blog account, and saw that there was a new, updated, post editor. So, I set it to use this instead of the old one, and checked it out by editing one my existing posts.

The interface is better. It matches more as far as themes go. The only thing is, it took away all my smilies that I was using with the old editor.

I figured I’d finally had enough of Blogger’s post editor, and that I would do what I seemingly should have done months ago. I decided to have a look at an alternative: Windows Live Writer. I’ve seen it recommended so many times, and the thing is, I had the install feature on my PC all ready. I’d downloaded the web install exe months ago, but I’d just put it off.

It was recommended I use it back then when I was copying and pasting from Word into my blog, because it was conflicting with the blogs styles, or whatever, and messing up my theme. But instead I would continue writing in Word, and after that, all my hard work of formatting and all was lost when I copied and pasted into Notepad, in order to paste into the post editor.

What a waste of time and effort that was.

So I used some of my data and selected Live Writer from the install prompt, ignoring all the other stuff, and downloaded everything I needed, and started using it.

This program makes me realize how basic and uncomfortable it is using the post editor on Blogger - at least the old one.

WL is more in line with what I use on Microsoft Word. And I can edit everything here, and once I’m finished, I can preview what it will look like, and it’s all offline, seeing as I downloaded my blog’s whole setup. Only the flash elements and HTML aren’t previewed, but that’s not a big deal. Then I can save it, and publish it to my blog without even having to go into my Blogger account from what I understand. I can just upload it. It should be a real time-saver.

And you can arrange your pictures any which way you want, as well as paste smilies and such in there without the need for any scripts or plug-ins and all that rubbish.

So, right now, even though I’ve only been using WL for about an hour now, I would say, go a get this program, and don’t look back.

I think the only time I would really need to go into my blog would likely be if I need to add more page elements or make modifications. So I would likely still access my blog, but as far as posting goes, I can do it all outside, from here.

I’m going to get back to blogging with this program now, so go and download it and leave me to carry on.


See? The image above can be added to Blogger through the post editor, but it wouldn’t animate, from what I understand. Post editor sucks.




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