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Yowl! Cat-Life: a Mod for Half-Life


I came across this on RPS. They seem to post about these mods. The last one was a cool mod for Crysis, called DeLorean Time Machine. This time it’s about Cat-Life, a mod for Half-Life which allows you to play as a cat.

“Cat-Life is an original concept for Half-Life and the GoldSource engine.Players will experience the Black Mesa incident from the view of a stranded pet cat.

Using claws and teeth and the natural prowess of a cat, players will travel through the bowels of Black Mesa.Xenian beasts roam the corridors and laboratories and... surprise... cats are conveniently bite-sized for those in-between-meal munchies.”

This is so weird, because it’s the game I’ve always thought about, but knew that nobody would ever venture there. I mean, making a game with a cat as the main protagonist! But, here it is, and strangely using HL1 instead of HL2 for the mod.

I have a cat, and I once attempted to make a point and click style game in AGS involving the cat. Hell, I once thought about how cool it would be to have Rainbow Six, except instead of counter terrorists, put dogs in there as they take down tangos, which be the cats.

Anyhow, back to Cat-Life, the demo for this mod is out now. Instead of using a crowbar, the main weapon is the cat’s paw with sharp claws and such.

The main consensus, or theory, is that the cat in this mod is the one who is mentioned in Half-Life 2 when Alyx was about to enter the teleporter in order to reach Black Mesa East.

Isaac Kleiner: Right you are. This is a red letter day, we'll inaugurate the new teleport with a double transmission.

Barney Calhoun: You mean it's working? For real this time? Because... I still have nightmares about that cat.

Alyx Vance: What cat?

Isaac Kleiner: Now, now, there is nothing to be worried about, we have made major strides since then, major strides.

Alyx Vance: [more anxiously] What cat?


Gordon Feline: Cat-Life



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