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Duke Nukem Forever D-Day Facebook Photo

It was reported the other day on that a photo was found on a Facebook page. This is one of possible future photos that will be posted on this page, under the album name “D-Day photos”.

At first people were sceptical, but it has been confirmed that Scott Miller is aware of this, and that he created the fan page.



The photo seems to detail an EDF soldier (you can make this out by looking at the helmet and visor) shooting at a Cycloid Emporer, with what looks like could be the Ripper. The setting looks like the infamous stadium which you’ll remember from the Demo Reel video as well as Duke Nukem 3D.

It’s also being said that Scott Miller shared a new DNF trailer with Jeron Moore, the guy who had that Demo Reel v2 video up on vimeo. So, another trailer on the way? And this may well be the announcement regarding Duke that Scott Miller promised at one stage recently.




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