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Alone in the Dark 2 Movie Available on DVD

Damn, this week it’s been all about Uwe Boll, the director/producer/thing we love to hate.

There was a great series of games known as Alone in the Dark, and Uwe Boll made a film of the same name. Now there’s a sequel, Alone in the Dark 2, which is produced by Boll, and it seems as though it’s also coming straight to DVD, just like the Far Cry movie in the US.

The film actually came out last year in Germany.

None of the stars from the previous film appear in this one, and speaking of stars, doesn't look like any A-list celebs. The main protagonist is Rick Yune. There are some familiar faces and washed up actors in there. The comments I've read suggest that the movie is better than the first, perhaps because Boll didn't direct the film, like the prequel.

I don’t know, perhaps Boll got tired of the critical slamming of his films, seeing as he has denied them access to premieres and such in the past, or he can’t afford actually putting films on the silver screen anymore. Perhaps it’s this whole recession business.
I've also been wondering why we've had such a resurgence in Uwe Boll-ness just lately. I've been reading about how it'll be a black Christmas because of the recession, and how Santa Claus has retired and all (article in the Cape Argus, you'd have to read it). Maybe Boll has decided to save Christmas in his own way.

"Ja, buy and watch my moviez, pleez!"

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