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Some “new” Duke Nukem Forever Media

A guy on the forums known as NukemDave, probably Dave Nukem, a guy who’s seemingly infatuated with Duke, seeing as I’ve watched some of his YouTube videos, discovered some more DNF media that may have been “overlooked” as Yatta puts it.

Jeron Moore, a former 3DR employee who worked in the music department on games like Prey and DNF, uploaded a demo reel nearly two months ago onto vimeo.

This is not to be confused with the demo reel that was leaked earlier on in the year around May or June. That is a longer video, and can be found here. This other demo reel is Demo Reel V 2. Yes.

It’s been found that if you skip ahead to a specific point in the video, you’ll be able to see a very quick bit of new DNF stuff. And the three actual frames have been captured and taken out of the video for convenience.

Notice the neon sign in the screen with the ship that says "Proton Palace". It was always planned that in DNF, Dr. Proton, the chief enemy from Duke Nukem (1) would return. I've always wondered if he and the enemies from Duke Nukem 3D and DNF were in cahoots or something, seeing as we didn't see him in DN3D, or Duke Nukem II, for that matter, as far as I know.

I've done a Google search of this Demo Reel video, and it's also available on Jeron's YouTube account, along with the other DNF Demo Reel video. Not sure if this is the same one, since it doesn't read V2, like on Vimeo, but the icon that crops up in Google Search which displays the beginning of the video is the same. According to the comments on that page, the video is at least nine months old.

There are some other videos there too, like ones involving 3D modelling and such.




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