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Thi4f Still in Pre-Production, Except Further Along, Perhaps

Speaking of Thief 4 (Thi4f, officially), there’s been a rare update on the game's progress lately.

Months ago it was officially announced after being one of the worst kept secrets in the industry for months prior, and it was eventually noted that the game was in early pre-production, while Eidos Montreal looked for a team to actually work on the title.

The game is still in pre-production, but it’s more in the middle than the early stages, if general manager Stephane D’Astous is to be believed.
He was contacted by IncGamers, and the following was said:

“Personally i (sic) have NEVER seen a team, at this milestone (middle of pre-production) in such good shape!”

And we will “NOT be disappointed with Thief 4”.

As if we haven’t heard that before. I just hope that Eidos doesn’t screw up this game like they almost, nearly did (some say they did) with Thief: Deadly Shadows. The game was still good, but not great, and a lot of stuff that was in Thief II, like all the potions and not to mention the rope arrows, was missing.

That title was by Ion Storm though, and they're not around anymore.

Thief 4 Coming Along In "Leaps And Bounds"
Thief 4 now in pre-production, team in “good shape”


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