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Far Cry 3 in Development According to Ubisoft Guy

I guess this shouldn't come as a shock. We knew it was going to happen eventually. In fact many have expected it to happen, seeing as Far Cry 2 had almost absolutely nothing to do with its "prequel". People want a proper sequel that ties in with Far Cry, which was one 0f 2004's best games.

Well, like I was saying, Far Cry 3 is in development, and according to Kevin Shortt, the Ubisoft guy alluded to in the header, a scriptwriter for the studio, it's looking good.

While talking to
Official PlayStation Magazine, and when asked if he was working on the title he replied, "No I'm not, but I know the team are (sic) and what I've seen looks pretty exciting."

From talk on Far Cry 3 before, it's being said that the title may once again be based in Africa, like Far Cry 2, or possibly even Antarctica. Now that's a place rarely covered in my opinion, if you thought Africa wasn't featured in games much.

Patrick Reading, the producer of Far Cry 2, had the following to say a while back:

"There are still things we want to do with the African setting, and I think it's safe to say we'll continue to explore it."

The game will also supposedly use the Dunia engine, which was used in Far Cry 2- not the CryEngine or CryEngine 2, as was thought by some. Dunia is essentially a modified CryEngine 2. I guess they want Crysis 2 to debut with the CryEngine 3.




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