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An Interview with Daniel Thron, AKA the guy who did the Thief box art

…as well as quite a lot of other stuff

The other day, I came across a thread at forums where a guy was asking for people to come up with some questions for one of the people who worked on the original Thief games with the sadly missed Looking Glass Studios, as well Thief: Deadly Shadows: Daniel Thron.

Thron, not Thorn.

Daniel Thron was mainly known to me and others as the person who did the voice of the guard who constantly bickered with “Benny”, the other, drunken guard in all three Thief games. I think his name was supposedly Sinclair. He also voiced the creepy sounding Eye from Thief and Thief Deadly Shadows, as well as several other characters, allies and enemies, from the series.

But he’s done more than that, it turns out. He made the box art for both Thief: The Dark Project, and Thief II: The Metal Age. He did the wonderful cutscene art and animation in both games too, and on top of that, he had something to do with the in-game maps, and the particle systems (whatever that means).

So, quite a lot to do with the art of the Thief games, in general.

Anyhow, a few days later, and after sifting through all the suggested questions for the man, the most interesting ones were picked and quite an interesting interview was put together on the forum in another thread, as well as on the same domain, except on Dominus' blog, which has some pictures.

I like reading through interviews sometimes, seeing as the reveal a lot of behind the scenes style stuff, and give you more insight into what it was actually like to develop a game. And not just any game, in this case, one of the most iconic PC exclusive titles that helped start a new genre, instead of the usual FPS titles of the nineties.

So, Daniel talks about what he did before getting into the video game business, what it was like working at TTLG, the art of the Thief games that he was so heavily involved in, his inspirations while working on the games, his opinion on why Thief Deadly Shadows paled in comparison to the originals, what he thinks of the Dark Mod, and whether he will work on Thi4f (Thief 4), announced this year. And he also gives some other info on what he’s working on, some movies mainly, as well as tosses a few names around and such.

Quite a good read, so go and check it out.

Questions for Daniel Thron
Out of the Shadows – interview with Daniel Thron


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