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Where in the World is the DeLorean? A Mod for Crysis, and...

It's funny, you're going to see why I titled the post the way I did just now.

Well, I've been reading about how there's a mod for Crysis and Crysis Wars, called DeLorean Time Machine. If you don't know what the DeLorean is, then please go and watch the
entire trilogy of Back to the Future. It's a nerd favourite, produced by Steven Spielberg back in the 80s, and features the DeLorean, a time-machine on wheels. It also starred Michael J. Fox, when he was still normal and had a career.

It seems that even though this mod has all ready been around for a while now, the latest version 1.0 just came out a few days ago. What this mod does is it brings the famed DeLorean into the games, which allows you to travel through time. If it has to be explained to you, this is in-game, and is achieved by clever level design and mapping. By the way, the model for the DeLorean is very good.

Now, onto why I decided to post about this in the first place.

I watched the Back to the Future trilogy recently, but not only that, I saw the thing in another mod, but this time for Duke Nukem 3D (actually EDuke32). In the Community level in Duke Plus, you can find a model of the DeLorean as well:
This one is not drivable like the one in the Crysis mod, and neither can fly, for the moment. Although, in the same level, there is a skycar that Duke can enter, and

DeLorean Goes Back to the Future in New Crysis Mod


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