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Commander Keen Remake Happening, Not by id Though

A lot of classic id games have gotten tons of attention over the years in some way or another, whether it's sequels or source ports and HRPs attended to by massive fan communities, Wolf 3D, Doom, and Quake have had it all.

But you may be surprised to know, as I was years ago, that id made another series years before all these titles: Commander Keen.

Well, this series of games has its followers, and in some forum called NZCGI (New Zealand Computer-Generated Imagery), a guy named Laz is going to lengths to make his own remake or "tribute" in his words, to this great series of games starring B.J. Blazkowicz' grandson.
He's doing this project on his own, using Unity with Java/C Sharp code. The screen caps that he's posted there so far look pretty damn good.

It's a shame though that this is likely without id's consent, and they have shut down projects in the past, like UDoom, which I've talked about before, where id issued a C&D (cease& desist) order to the makers of a mod for Unreal Tournament which aimed to remake levels from Doom for multiplayer use.

So, like Kotaku said, this project might not ever be released, and it's a shame.




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