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Twitter Account, Sh*t My Dad Says, To Become a TV Sitcom

There’s an account on twitter called Sh*t My Dad Says, and it’s full of tweets by a guy named Justin Halpern. The thing is that these tweets are actually sayings taken from his father, a cynical, bad tempered old man, who likes to make comments and jokes in a cutting, sarcastic way.

Think Blackadder except American, old, and bald.

Well, anyway, these tweets have become sitcom gold, as it’s been harvested for script ideas, and Justin Halpern will be the producer on the show, seeing as it is his twitter account. I can just imagine that although it’s a good idea on paper, it’ll likely star someone like Larry David, and end up just like Curb Your Enthusiasm or something. I love that show. Or else, if not Larry David, it will be someone like that old man from My Big Fat Greek Wedding/Life. There are several old guys who could play the role, if you think about it.

The account has over 843 705 followers, and yet, he's only following one. Figures, seeing as he's one of those Hollywood types. His previous attempt at the big time failed apparently, but this one seems to be getting a lot of attention.

Although I first read about this weeks ago, it’s all over the news now, with local newspapers covering it and not to mention copying other articles verbatim. That’s right Techno Times; you stole that article practically word for word from another newspaper.

My dad has expressed interest in this news piece though. In fact, for years I thought of coming up with a sitcom of my own involving my dad or at least the things he says seeing as he’s kind of the same. At one point I even made some audio stories about it when I was younger. They were funny as hell. Maybe sometime in the future I’ll upload them somewhere.

The other day for example, my dad was busy washing the dishes or something, and a dish slipped, and he uttered some profanities.
Then my brother walked in, and said, “Did someone call me?”

My father replied, “Not unless your name is ‘Jou f*ckin’ m*er!’”

You had to be there.

Perhaps I should start my own twitter account with stuff like this…

Sh*t My Dad Says Becoming a Sitcom


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