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Uwe Boll Making a new BloodRayne film, Rumours of a new game in the Works

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Well, we’ve all watched at least one Uwe Boll film in our lives, and we have all agreed that this man should have his licence to thrill taken away, as he can’t seem to make a film to save his life, reputation, or career for that matter. The films that people have problems with are the video game adaptations- films based on games, which rarely ever seems to work.

This hasn’t stopped others from trying though, seeing as lately, Brad Pitt is interested in Dark Void, and Bruce Willis is set to star in Kane& Lynch- the movie.

Anyway, Uwe Boll directed and produced BloodRayne and directed BloodRayne II:Deliverance, and both films flopped. Now he wants to have a crack at a third one. That’s right, a third BloodRayne film, BloodRayne 3: Warhammer, and this has sparked speculation that a third title in the series is being made for game consoles too.

Kristanna Loken from the first film, as well as Terminator 3, will make a return, and some say that the film will take place during World War II.

Why is this guy so obsessed with BloodRayne? I mean, the whole story of the series and how it connects with another forgotten title, Nocturne, its spiritual prequel, is pretty cool, but surely nobody plays that game anymore, right?

Even though we all dread the idea of another BloodRayne film, and I personally think it might be someone having a laugh and starting a rumour for fun, I don’t say that I would be as cynical about another BloodRayne game.

Uwe Boll to Bring Us Bloodrayne 3: Warhammer


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