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Bruce Willis to Star in Kane& Lynch Film, More Video Game Film Adaptations Coming

Kane& Lynch was awful according to most, and underrated to others. I mainly watched my brother play the game a long time ago, and I wasn't too impressed.

Well, the Kane& Lynch movie has been a project in existence for quite a while apparently, but it's only due to start filming next year. Bruce Willis is set to star as Adam "Kane" Marcus. Bruce Willis, who is famous no doubt for his Die Hard movies probably above everything else, has commented that the script for the movie is one of the best he's ever read for an action film.

"After Bruce Willis read it, he called it one of the best action scripts he’s ever read, and Bruce is an expert in terms of action scripts because he’s read everything over the last 20 years."

Okay, so Bruce Willis is probably one of the best action stars that you can get in Hollywood. He may be old, and bald, but the guy's a legend, looks the part, and he'd likely do the part some justice, even though most video game adaptations aren't all.

Now people are talking about who will star as Lynch. I've got my money on Peter Stormare, like others have said. Or maybe Brad Pitt would star alongside Willis again, like in 12 Monkeys. He didn't do a bad psycho...

The Kane& Lynch film is only one of several Eidos games that producer Adrian Askarieh (who some are calling the new Uwe Boll), has on the go. Simon Crane is going to direct the film by the way, and Lionsgate will be the distributor.

There's also plans for a new Hitman film, but possibly without Timothy Olyphant. I didn't really think he suited the role too much anyway. I saw him in a film the other day- with hair! He looked
way weird. Also, the name Olyphant is uncool. It means "elephant" in English, translated from Afrikaans.

Right now, this Askarieh guy is working on a independently produced Just Cause film. I always thought that Antonia Banderas would probably be sought after for the lead role for that one,



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