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New Prison Break Screenshots

Speaking of adaptations, instead of game-to-film, I've just had a look at some new screens for the Prison Break video game, based on the first season of the series- the best one, and it should have been the last, too.

This game takes place in Fox River penitentiary, except you play as a guy named Paxton, instead of Michael Schofield. Several characters from the season will make an appearance though. I recognize the guy with the white doo-rag. I never liked that guy. Belic is there. He was a pretty convincing bad dude. And Link is there. Hi Link. rolleyes

Clearly this game is going to suck, or it will be one of those typically average games. I reckon there probably won't be any of the voices familiar from the series, or very few anyway. In my mind, it likely won't measure up to The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay.




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