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Panic Mechanic: What Happened to Jack?

If you’re a South African reader, you remember Leon Schuster’s film, Panic Mechanic, don’t you?
Well, it had been years since I’d seen the actor who played Jack Paddaman in that film, Frantz Dobrowsky. You know: “Hi Jack!”

I saw him on the TV, with that unmistakably ugly face sans ponytail recently. It also looked as though his nose had been broken at some point too. He had grey shaved hair, and his face was wrinkled like an old prune. He looked quite bad for his age- in his fifties.

So, I looked his name up and came across his profile on, and got quite a shock. The series I’d seen with him starring in it, Dryfsand, was a few years old. But that’s not the worst of it. I found out that Dobrowsky committed suicide back in 2006 after his house had been repossessed. He was 58 when that happened.

Okay, so it was years ago, but just seeing him on the TV made me think about it.


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