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New Medal of Monor: Modern Combat Possibly Coming Next Year

Yes, everyone knows that a new MoH game is in development. We’ve all heard the rumours that have been going around for the past year or so, and I’ve even covered it a few times on the blog.

So, in case you need a bit of catching up to do, here’s the gist of it all. There’s a new Medal of Honor game in development, which may take place in modern times, or in the present, in another way to put it, instead of WW II, like about 100% of MoH titles before it.

Men of Valor
was a title by the same people who did Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, 2015 Inc., and it took place in Vietnam, but that’s a different story.

And it’s been somewhat confirmed that there is a new title, and that it isn’t a rumour, by EA. And this title will follow in the footsteps of the Call of Duty series, which branched off into Modern Warfare and the recently released Modern Warfare 2. The new title will be called Medal of Honor: Modern Combat, according to reports that claim that this name has been trademarked, and it's rumoured to come out by the end of Q1 2010, in February or March, allegedly, according to MCVUK.

I doubt with almost zero marketing to speak of except these rumours that it will be that soon, but perhaps we will see more of it next year, hopefully.

The name's a bit unoriginal, for sure, and people are crying out that EA is copying Infinity Ward, but let’s not forget that the Medal of Honor series came first, years before Call of Duty entered the now overdone World War II FPS genre. So perhaps they’re even now.

In fact, some people who formed Infinity Ward worked at 2015 Inc., one of the MoH developers.

Nick Earl of EA had the following things to say about the new title in a leaked memo picked up by Kotaku:

"simply stunning"

"[EALA studio head] Sean Decker and Greg Goodrich have been leading a re-invention" of the first-person shooter series,"

"We couldn't be happier with the focus and progress these teams have shown,"

"The new team at EALA has turned this studio into a showcase for the 'fewer things better' initiative."

All the commenters on this story out there have started a little game, going from news article to news article putting in their thoughts on what the game should be called.

Don't do that here, or your comment will be deleted.

Medal Of Honor: Modern Warfare incoming
EA Talks Command & Conquer's "New Digital Model," Medal of Honor "Re-invention"


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