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Destructoid Murders Assassin's Creed II in Review

Well, I was going through my feeds, when all of a sudden I cam across a review of Assassin's Creed II, by Jim Sterling, naturally one of the more cynical, negative journos or bloggers out there.

I was surprised to see that after reading through the review, which was overly negative, in my opinion, the game scored a 4.5. By Dtoid's standards, that's an average game, but try and tell that to a lot of "Assassin's Creed fanboys". I wouldn't regard myself as one of those, but I was just a little shocked to see this. It's one of the only bad reviews I've seen about the game.

Mind you, it is the console version, so perhaps when I get to play the PC edition next year, it will be better. That happens sometimes.

Besides, I've also read recently that reviews are very low on the list of things that get a person to buy a game anyway.


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