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The Wish Granter: A Top Gear Video Game

Top Gear team Richard Hammond, James May and Jeremy Clarkson 31 October 2008Usually I’m skeptical when it comes to licence games - there are very few that are actually any good, and this also goes for ones based on TV shows. This may be the case, but even though I wouldn’t classify myself as a “petrolhead”, I am a big fan of the TV Show, Top Gear, with Richard “Hamster” Hammond, James “Captain Slow” May, the mysterious Stig, and of course, the incomparable Jeremy Clarkson. Clarkson is a funny man.

I was watching through endless repeats of Top Gear over the last week, and I thought, “They should make a game based on this or something. It would most probably have to be a racing game of sorts, and of course, it wouldn’t be Top Gear without the commentary or a lot of the funny things that the guys get up to. What I was thinking was it would be like Gran Turismo meets Stunts meets GTA meets Tony Hawk's Underground or Jackass, except with a bit more class, chipped in by James May, of course, amongst the arguing that usually goes on between the other two.

In real life nowadays, some are calling for shows like Top Gear, with male hosts, primarily male staff, mostly male guest stars, and a male audience, to get more feminine- as if James May wasn’t enough. No, they want women to get into the show more, and this could be some sort of theme for the game. You can choose your gender when you start, and customize it to your tastes, and then apply for a job at Top Gear. From then on, you would receive tasks or tests just like the ones that are handed out to the terrible trio on the real-life show. There might be tasks like beating a certain driver in a race, getting the fastest time on a track, accomplishing certain goals, running an errand for Hammond (probably getting his teeth whitening kit), and perhaps finding out the identity of The Stig (recently some have said it’s Ben Collins, since the The Stig’s signature white suit and helmet were seen at his house, allegedly). 

It would have to be as hilarious as the show, although I’m not convinced yet that that could ever happen, and it would probably just be some joke of a game, ending up in a bargain bin sale or attached to a motoring magazine- still, the idea is cool, but could it ever work?


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