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Duke Nukem 3D Blasts on wishes to make you feel better if you've been down about the latest news on DNF by reminding, or telling you for the first time if you haven't heard before, of the Polymer Project- the Polymer renderer for EDuke 32 which might one day look just as good as Doom 3 or even Duke Nukem Forever, as seen in the recent screenshots and demo reel. This project is also being called the "Fan Community's DNF".

Judging by the snaps, it all ready looks better than Quake, Quake II, and Quake III; Quake IV? Like they say, maybe one day. The character detail and animations would have to be improved more before you can say that, although the detail on the surroundings and the lighting is epic. And I thought that EDuke32 was all ready impressive...

In related news, you can also see a couple of videos that were made last year by YouTube EDF founder, Dave Nukem, who wants to make a game called Duke Nukem Forever 3D, possibly using the same tools available here. It would be a good idea, seeing as probably many other fans have thought of doing the same thing- making a replacement for DNF, or even finishing off the real DNF if they got their hands on it. If they could all pool together and make something...

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