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Thi4f: The Eidos Montreal Store

Among all the other Eidos Montreal stuff, there’s quite a bit of Deus Ex 3 merchandise, and also some new Thief 4 things- well, only two T-shirts which contain the logo that everyone is hating on at the moment, “ Thi4f”, claiming that it spells Thiaf and not Thief. 4nyb0dy wh0 r3gul4rly t4k35 5h0rtcut5 w1th t3xt m3554g35 0r r3fu535 t0 5p34k pr0p3r 3ngl15h kn0w5 th4t!

They should have gone with Thief 4 or Thief IV. You didn’t see Th1ef, ThIIef, or Thi3f: Deadly Shadows did you? Thief: Deadly Shadows didn’t even have a number…

In fact, even though it’s the fourth in the series, Thi4f is only the second to feature a number of any kind, and the first to not use a roman numeral, like Thief II. It’s also the first not to have a subtitle, like The Dark Project, The Metal Age, or Deadly Shadows, although this might change later.
Imagine Thief 5- ThieV!

Apparently Eidos Montreal is very proud of their logo and so we have been urged not to make fun of it.




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