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Some Old Duke Nukem Forever Artwork

Instead of the leaks containing artwork of the more recent build of Duke Nukem Forever, now there’s something from Joe Wampole Jing, who worked at 3D Realms between 2003 and 2006.
There are pictures of three of DNF’s enemies, and all of them look quite “out there”- especially the boss hog, or “super mutated pigcop”. These models weren’t being used in the latest version as far as I can tell. Another one is the enforcer.

The Battlelord looks pretty good, especially with the skulls. He looks more in line with the model from Duke Nukem 3D. Here’s a comparison of all the models:

Battlelord- DN 3D 1996

Battlelord- DN 3D HRP 2007

Battlelord- DNF 2003-2006

Battlelord- DNF 2007-2009

When I tried to access the post on, I couldn’t, but the links to the pics work, so here they are just in case:




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