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The Twittinator- Terminator on Twitter

With the arrival of the Terminator: Salvation film and video game on the horizon, Terminator has come to Twitter. Twitter users (or is it tweeps?) can join John Connor and the resistance in the struggle against the machines.

There’s a Twitter Terminator game where members communicate and try to decode intercepted Skynet transmissions. Tweeps will earn points for decoding messages and rise in rank in the resistance.

A blog will chalk up all the results and host a leader board for the game. The blog also has some other stuff like skins for you Twitter page.

The Terminator Salvation Twitter game will end on May 22nd.

The movie is due for a release on May 27th.

The videogame, Terminator: Salvation, is available for pre-order and will be released on May 19th:

Terminator: Salvation - PC- Xbox 360 - PS3


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