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Apocalypse Then: The World Needs a Hero

On this day, in 2001, the metal album by Megadeth, The World Needs a Hero, was released.

The Track listing is as follows:

1. Disconnect

2. The World Needs A Hero

3. Coming Home- bonus track

4. Moto Psycho

5. 1000 Times Goodbye

6. Burning Bridges

7. Promises

8. Recipe For Hate... Warhorse

9. Losing My Senses

10. Dread And The Fugitive Mind

11. Silent Scorn

12. Return To Hangar

13. When

Dread And The Fugitive Mind made it onto the Greatest Hits Album of both 2000 and 2005, titled Capitol Punishment: The Megadeth Years and Greatest Hits: Back to the Start, respectively.

Return to Hangar is the continuation of the epic "Hangar 18" off of Rust in Peace.



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