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Save Duke Nukem!

There's a site on the internet which is trying to accomplish something huge by the sound of it- to try and acquire the Duke Nukem IP and raise enough money to see through the remaining development and release of Duke Nukem Forever. Quite a bold move.

The site is still under construction, but in the future, the people there will be accepting donations, and all ad revenue will go towards funding this ambitious project.

If you think this is something completely new, then you're wrong, because there have been plenty of other attempts on, although these occurred mainly when 3D Realms was still around. Do a search for Duke Nukem Forever, and you'll find nearly 40 results.

However, I think this might be just the biggest attempt yet, seeing as the site's traffic, according to Jeff, the guy running the show by the looks of it, has been overwhelming, with over 24,500 visitors from 110 countries in the last 2 1/2 days.



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