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The Darker Side of Duke Nukem Forever: 3D Realms Closure Conspiracy

There's been a lot of talk lately that the whole 3D Realms closing and DNF being cancelled, or at least lost to the abyss, is just a viral marketing ploy- a publicity stunt, and that Duke Nukem Forever may even make an appearance at E3 2009.

The reason for this is mainly because of the website,, which according to whois, was registered either on the same day, or the day before 3D Realms closure. Of course Jeff Shenk, the owner of the website denies this, but it doesn't help that people have figured out that he's with a small-time PR firm, and there's a theory that he's in cahoots with 3D Realms. All this and the fact that artwork and the demo reel have flooded all over the net in the last week, and forums are ablaze with talk about the whole issue.

It sounds all figured out, and I'm not claiming that I believe it or anything, but that's just how conspiracy theories are- people always try to connect dots and look for clues and patterns. It's in their nature.

It's funny that the 3D Realms website and forums are still running though...

Sources: (temporarily down)



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