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Duke Nukem Forever: The Dissident Developers

Just over the last week, we’ve been absolutely spoiled with plenty of art from the former artists from 3D Realms. Previously unreleased work has now seen the light of day, and as some have put it, it must be liberating to finally get it out into the open. For years we didn’t really know if DNF was really real and how far along it was as far as completion was concerned, but now we have more of an idea. It unfortunately meant the closure of 3D Realms, and the loss of their jobs, but I imagine that sooner or later they’ll be snapped up by someone else- perhaps even a future team who decide to work on and finish off DNF.

This is from the page of staff that was at 3D Realms. It’s a list of names in the Art Department. This is sort of a directory of their blogs and project pages. Beware, because some of them have a nasty habit of locking their blogs and not making them accessible to the general public, or taking down their images. It's weird, because I went onto Chris DeSimone's blog, and had a look at his pictures, but then went back later and they weren't there. There was a message on Ben Eoff's blog today that stated, "Sorry, lawyers and such."

It seems that even though 3D Realms is gone, there's still some sort of contractual bind.

Art Director 

Trammell Isaac- and 


Chris DeSimone-; 
Chris Smith- (closed); 
James Houska- 
Ben Eoff-; 
Randy Forsyth- 
Bryan Brewer- 
Mark Skelton- 
Jay Brushwood- ?
Pat Jones- 
Andrew Kerschner- 
Layne Johnson- 


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