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Tom Clancy’s First Book in Seven Years, Dead or Alive, Coming This Christmas

DoA If you’re a gamer, and you likely are if you’re on this site, then you’ve heard of Tom Clancy. Even the spell checker on most word editors knows of Tom Clancy. His name has appeared on so many games, right from Rainbow Six, to Ghost Recon, to Splinter Cell, to EndWar, to H.A.W.X., and others. And there were the movies as well, like The Hunt for Red October, Patriot Games, Clear and Present Danger and The Sum of All Fears.

But did you know that long before those video games, Tom was all ready an established writer?

I read the other day that Tom is going to have another book out sometime this year called Dead or Alive – his first book in seven years. He has had others in this time period, but they were actually written by other people, if that makes sense; a ghost writer, if you will. They just had his name on it, like a brand.

The book will put all of Clancy's heroes together, including Jack Ryan, John Clark, and Ding Chavez [characters that Rainbow Six players should know very well – I’ve played the original and read the book] among others, in an attempt to join forces and combat terrorism.

Ivan Held, President of G.P. Putnam’s Sons:

“This is Tom Clancy for the first time bringing all his all-stars together, including Jack Ryan. They will be going after modern terrorism.”

The book will be written by Tom, along with Grant Blackwood, a former US Navy veteran, whose also worked on other Clancy novels. Penguin Group, the publisher, says the 848 page book should be out on December 7, 2010 - a few weeks before Christmas.

Amazon blurb:

“For years, Jack Ryan, Jr. and his colleagues at the Campus have waged an unofficial and highly effective campaign against the terrorists who threaten western civilization. The most dangerous of these is the Emir. This sadistic killer has masterminded the most vicious attacks on the west and has eluded capture by the world’s law enforcement agencies. Now the Campus is on his trail. Joined by their latest recruits, John Clark and Ding Chavez, Jack Ryan, Jr. and his cousins, Dominick and Brian Caruso, are determined to catch the Emir and they will bring him in . . . dead or alive.”

By the way, I thought I would add that Tom Clancy will turn 63 tomorrow, as it’s apparently his birthday on the 12th of April.


Sources: Reuters - Weekend Argus



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