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Possible New XCOM Details Revealed, Similar to BioShock in Theme

XCOMa The new X-com game, called XCOM, was revealed this week, under development at 2K Marin/Australia.

But I came across a thread at the NAG forum just now, where Miktar, otherwise known as Miktar Dracon, a NAG magazine staff member and international correspondent, and forum dweller talked about how he’s witnessed the game first hand:

“I got to see this first-hand a few weeks ago, at a private demonstration. It's pretty awesome.

As for the new Xcom: love the 50s theme, systemic gameplay we've come to love from bioshock, and the creepy atmosphere they're going for.”

So, if this is true, then we have another 50’s or mid-twentieth century themed game like BioShock and Fallout 3. And both games were massive hits. There might be a formula developing here; a recipe for success perhaps?.

I tried to check the thread for further information just now, but the website, and forums, is down currently, at least for me. I really wanted to see if this was some sort of joke or something, but it could be true.

Update: I was just able to check the thread now and managed to get more details:

“It does still have management (you still have to get Research (take photos of things in the field), Money, bring it back to the Xcom base and fund research into weapons that defeat aliens, etc.

It's plenty creepy too.

The 50s theme the game plays into, is the idyllic fantasy of the 50s, the nuclear-family imagery, that America sold to itself during that decade. The game takes it that the fantasy of the American 50s was indeed real, and plays off it. So, when you visit a three-block neighbourhood to check out alien sign, it's the type of location, housing and thematic appeal of the 50s. It's not the baroque-chic retro 50s theme that BioShock plays off.”


Source: XCOM - reborn as an FPS, dev'ed by BioShock team [NAG Online Forums]



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